Survey Manager

Job description

The Survey Manager (Party Chief) is experienced in installing, operating, acquiring, processing and reporting of all relevant equipment and software required to conduct a survey.

The Survey Manager instructs and leads the Survey team and is a member of the managerial project structure. 


Job Requirements

  • Relevant experience in surface and subsea surveying activities such as: MBES, SSS, Magneto-or gradient meter, USBL, DOB, Imaging sonar etc.
  • Experiences with Surveying techniques and software
  • Experienced in the implementation of industry best practices and Company's systems, processes, and standards
  • Valid medical offshore certificate
  • Supervisory safety-VCA
  • BOSIET or equivalent
  • Strong self-Initiative on personal and project related matters 
  • Strong leadership, technical, communicational and presentation skills
  • Proficient in Dutch and English language
  • Extended knowledge of Microsoft Office such as Word, Excel
  • Familiar with IMCA Survey recommended practice publication and its referenced documentation
  • Membership of a recognized professional engineering association (or institution), is preferable
  • Familiar with international Surveying codes and standards.



  • Communicates with his relevant superior or client(s) on the project 
  • Manages projects, both onshore and offshore, as vessel-based personnel on all relevant tasks from mobilization to demobilization 
  • Processes data and produces reports
  • Provides accurate and reliable information for other disciplines such as navigation, dredging, coastal works, seabed telephone cables, environmental monitoring, aquaculture, marine wind farm development, oceanographic research, bridge construction, and oil, gas and mineral resource exploration
  • Sources information on seabed type, water movements and waves
  • Experienced in setting up and calibrating of survey equipment
  • Works onshore; responds to technical and commercial queries from onshore engineering and tender teams.


Interested and available shortly?

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